As well as owning the lines network in the Whangarei area, Northpower provides a wide range of related services. These include:

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House COV Inspection

As your home ages, some insurance companies will not renew your home insurance policy without sighting an electrical Certificate of Verification (COV) ensuring your home is electrically safe.

Design of Metering

For information about the design and installation of meter stations.

Distributed Generation

Connecting small scale distributed generation to our Network

Electricity Easements

An electricity easement grants Northpower the right to access Electricity Reticulation on all private property as required by the Network.

Boat and Caravan EWOF

Let us take the hassle out of your next EWOF (Electrical Warrant of Fitness) for your boat, caravan or motorhome.

Electromagnetic Fields

Electromagnetic fields and electricity distribution networks

Escorting High Loads

For assistance transporting high loads through our Lines Network.

Excavating Near Underground Power Cables

Northpower provides a cable location service to identify underground power cables.

Line Planning

Design of Low Voltage Reticulation Systems

Residential Power Supply

Are you connecting or disconnecting power to your property?

Service Line Ownership

Did you know you own the service line on your property and are responsible for its maintenance?

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is an effective tool used to discover potential failures of electrical equipment - BEFORE they happen.

Vegetation Control

Trees close to powerlines can be dangerous and in stormy conditions will often cause interruptions to the power supply. Talk to us about maintaining your trees near powerlines.

Voltage Fluctuations

What to do when you experience poor quality of power supply.