The Northpower Electric Power Trust owns Northpower Ltd, on behalf of the Whangarei and Kaipara electricity consumers.

Northpower owns and manages the electricity lines network in Whangarei and Kaipara and also owns one of New Zealand's largest electricity distribution contracting business with centres located across the North Island.

Northpower is a leading supplier of electricity distribution network design, maintenance and construction services with offices throughout the North Island.

Seven Trustees hold all of the shares in Northpower on behalf of the Trust's beneficiaries (electricity consumers connected to the Northpower electricity network). In 1992 the government passed legislation that required Northpower to become a legal corporate entity. When the company was corporatised in 1993, the Trust was formed to hold all the shares in Northpower on behalf of electricity consumers. This meant that ownership of the Company remained in the community.

The Trustees responsibilities are set out in the Trust deed, and are summarised as follows:

The Northpower Electric Power Trust Deed.

For further information please also review the Trust Reports Section.

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