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Our Next Generation Fibre Optic Network

Fibre jointing

As a lines company, we own and service powerlines carrying electricity to Whangarei and Kaipara households and businesses. We provide an infrastructure (lines Network) for electricity retailers like Genesis Energy and Meridian Energy to sell electricity on to consumers.

Attached to the powerlines, we also have a copper cable based supervisory link used for hot water control and network security. We have begun upgrading our copper cable network between our substations and head office at Otaika with Fibre Optic cables, which can also be used for delivering communication products.

By using our existing infrastructure (lines Network), Fibre cables can easily be run with our powerlines directly into people's homes at less than half the cost of what Telco’s would have to pay to develop the infrastructure, and with very little visual impact. So, in the same way as we provide an infrastructure (lines Network) for electricity retailers we will also provide an infrastructure (Fibre Network) for Retail Service Providers (eg ISP's) to sell communication products to consumers.

As with our lines Network we are able to provide an open access high speed broadband infrastructure that will be available to all Retail Service Providers (eg Telco's) who have products that can interface to this technology.

If you're a Whangarei business or resident and you'd like to connect to our fibre-optic network visit our Northpower Fibre website for more information.