Maungatapere Transformers
Maungatapere Transformers
Northpower Control Room

Asset Management (EDB)

“Our vision is to provide a safe, reliable and cost effective network”

Northpower’s Network division is responsible for the preparation and implementation of the Electricity Distribution Business (EDB) Asset Management Plan, designed to achieve the company’s strategic goals by focusing on levels of service, life-cycle asset management planning and the associated long term expenditure requirements.

Northpower has 57,000 electricity customers connected to its lines network covering an area of 5,700 square kilometres in the Whangarei and Kaipara districts. The Company also owns the 5 MW Wairua hydro-electric power station near Titoki, contributing 22 of the 1029GWh distributed by Northpower's network in FY2016.

The operations control centre located in Whangarei is attended 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Load pulses, alarms and status indication from 3 Transpower grid exit points, 20 Northpower substations and Wairua power station are monitored continuously, with circuit breakers, street lighting and load-shedding plant under direct supervisory control.

The maximum instantaneous demand on Northpower's network in 2016 was 179MW. The non-simultaneous maximum demands recorded at the 3 Transpower grid exit points were

For further information please refer to the Asset Management Plan.