Any business that operates its own electricity network knows that ongoing inspection and maintenance is essential to avoid expensive outages or downtime for repairs. Traditional inspection services - including visual assessments (from the air and from from the ground); Thermographic; Corona camera; RFI and old-style Ultrasound detectors - all have their limitations. Generally they are slow to use, and not particularly reliable at defect detection.

Northpower Ltd and subsidiary West Coast Energy Pty Ltd now offer Foresight - a major step forward in inspection speed, accuracy and diagnostics for overhead networks. This powerful new service uses a directional ultrasonic detector which precisely analyses an acoustic signal from each network asset in turn.

Developed by EIS Global in Korea, Ultrasonic Inspection technology has been successfully used by KEPCO in Korea for over five years, where close to 95% of the national network is surveyed annually. Ten million data points have been collected on KEPCO’s network and pre-emptive rectification of the defects found has improved KEPCO’s SAIDI by 42% over this time.

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