To view all current outages and restoration information, visit the network outages page.

A fault is when there is a disruption to the power supply, including unplanned widespread power outages.

Localised Faults

A localised fault is when power at only your property is affected. Localised faults include; no hot water, partial power or no power at all. If you have a fault call us first on 0800 10 40 40.

Widespread Faults

Widespread power outages can occur as the result of storms (e.g. tree branches blown into powerlines), when a power pole is damaged (e.g. vehicle colllision), or when a circuit breaker is tripped from overloading (e.g. possums on the powerlines). During widespread power outages you can call 0800 10 40 40for automated updates on affected areas. If you have further information such as powerlines down, other safety issues or information that may help us locate the fault, please hold to speak with one of our faults team.

Please note, for all account or connection enquiries please contact your energy retailer.

If you have a fault call us first on 0800 10 40 40. We're available 24 hours a day.