The Northpower Electric Power Trust (NEPT) was formed to provide consumers with control over their network and to ensure Northpower maintained a uniquely Northland focus.

About The Trust

The Trust consists of seven Trustees who hold all the shares in Northpower on behalf of the Trust's owners - consumers connected to our network. This ownership structure ensures the ownership and control of Northpower remains in the Northland community.

Consumer Benefits

Each year, the Northpower Trust returns a distribution to consumers in Kaipara and Whangarei who are connected to Northpower’s electricity network.

Election Information

The Trustees are elected from the Whangarei and Kaipara districts every three years at the same time as the local body elections.

Ownership Review

Northpower's ownership structure is a key feature of the company with 100% of all shares owned by consumers and held in trust by the Northpower Electric Power Trust (NEPT).

Trust Reports

The Trust documentation shows the activities of the Trust.

The Trustees

The seven Trustees and Trust Secretary were appointed in the last elections held in 2016.