Northpower is disclosing the following documents in accordance with the Electricity Distribution Information Disclosure Determination 2012.

For more information please review the Northpower Electric Power Trust ownership section where you can also find further documents including our Statement of Corporate Intent


Annual Reports

Annual Reports show the full financial results and business performance of Northpower Limited.

Asset Management Plan

The Asset Management Plan is prepared in order to provide a framework for managing Northpower's Electricity Lines Business (ELB) assets in the most cost-effective way in order to achieve the Company's strategic goals.

Easements, Encumbrances & Agreements

Electricity and Telecommunications Easements in Gross in favour of Northpower are required for network owned electricity and telecommunications reticulation in private property.

Environmental Policy

The purpose of the Northpower's environmental policy is to maximise the positive impacts that Northpower's activities, products or services may have upon human health and the environment and to ensure compliance with the relevant environmental legislation.

Distribution Pricing

Distribution pricing for residential, general and large commercial and industrial consumers.

Local Loss Factors

Local loss factors for the Northpower Network

Meter Wiring Diagrams

Revenue metering equipment should be installed at all premises connected to the Northpower Network unless arrangements have been made for a non metered supply.

Regulatory Information

Regulatory Information Disclosure

Threshold Compliance

Threshold Compliance Statement and Auditors Report

Trees Regulations Notice

Trees that come in contact with powerlines can cause disruptions.

Valuation Report

Disclosure of valuation report in relation to Northpower's line business system fixed assets.

Participant Rolling Outage Plan

What Northpower must do in the event of a sustained national electricity shortage.

Capital Contributions policy

An overview of Northpower’s policy in relation to Capital Contributions and Asset Vesting processes when extensions to the electricity network are required to facilitate the supply of electricity to a premise, typically when new subdivisions are developed.

Line Service Contracts

Prescribed details of contracts with Electricity Retailers and other organisations for the supply of Lines Services.