Prevent Disaster

In commercial properties, the main cause of fire damage can usually be linked to electrical failure.

Thermal imaging is an effective tool used to discover potential failures of electrical equipment - BEFORE they happen.

Faulty fuses, loose connections and overloaded circuits are not visible to the naked eye and can often be over looked during routine inspections.

Thermal Imaging allows for many of these problems to be detected before disaster strikes, saving you time and money.

Domestic Use

Assessment of heat loss in homes: 

Find out where your house is “leaking” heat so that you can make an informed decision on insulation and heating solutions.

Safety audits on meter stations and switchboards can identify potential electrical faults. If the report shows a fault, our qualified Electricians can carry out any repairs and maintenance required.

Commercial Use

Thermal assessment of electrical equipment such as: 

Find the fault before it causes major damage to your entire system.

Minimise “down time” and the cost of repairs simply by repairing or replacing the equipment that needs it.

Get the right Information

Insurance companies may request a thermal image report as evidence in a claim, or for assessing risk in new applications. In some cases, submitting this report could qualify you for a reduction in insurance premiums.

A thermal image report could be the difference between accepting or declining a claim/application, so it is important to get clear, concise information.

We are experienced in dealing with the reporting requirements of Insurance companies. We can carry out the survey and report directly to your insurance assessor.

Talk to us about your thermal imaging requirements and we’ll even design a report specific to your needs.

Thermal Imaging scan

Thermal Imaging Scan 

 We employ a team of Technicians, qualified and equipped to carry out Thermal Image Surveying.

Avoid the expense, and the danger, and give us a call now on 0800 Northpower (667847).