Why it is important to check for underground cables before excavating

It is important you know where underground power cables are located before undertaking any excavation work for your safety and those of others around you.

If power cables are struck it could result in an electric shock, explosion and the loss of power. It is the legal responsibility of the person intending to excavate, that they determine whether or not there are any services in the vicinity before commencing work.

Northpower cable location service

To check for cables and to book a cable location please refer to the Before U Dig website.

Northpower will provide information on the location of its underground power cables in public roads/footpaths by providing copies of plans where possible, or by marking on site using cable location equipment and red or orange spray paint. In some instances there may be cables on private property also.

How much does the cable location service cost?

If adequate notice is given of at least two working days, this service is currently free during normal working hours (7.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. weekdays). Any on site supervision which we may deem necessary to avoid damage to our installation, is also free during our normal working hours. 

Charges will be made for services provided outside these times, and we reserve the right to charge if less than two working days notice is given. A small fee may be charged to locate service cables on private property.

For more information about safety go to our Safe Digging page