What is considered a high load?

Escourting high loadTypical high loads include houses, boats, machinery and industrial structures. When transporting any load over 4.25m high, the transporting vehicle must carry a High Load Permit from the appropriate Network Lines Company in accordance with LTSA requirements.

What is the process for obtaining a High Load Permit?

Step 1: Download and complete a High Load Request Application form. Alternatively an application can be obtained by contacting our office on (09) 430 1803.

Step 2: The completed application form must include the following information:

Step 3: Fax the completed form to us on (09) 438 2818.

How long does it take to process an application?

In most cases you will need to submit your High Load Request Application form at least two working days prior to the intended transportation date. However, in cases where an electricity shutdown is necessary, at least 15 working days notice is required.

What happens once an application is submitted?

Northpower will process the application to determine if an electricity shutdown and/or patrol is required, and then issue the High Load Permit. A copy will be faxed to you and it must be carried in the transporting vehicle.

Will a power shutdown be required?

In some instances, an electricity shutdown/s may be required for the high load to pass safely beneath the lines. We will notify all affected consumers by mail at least one week prior. Northpower Linesmen will be scheduled to carry out the shutdown.

Will a patrol vehicle be required?

A Northpower patrol may be required to escort the load for all or part of the journey through our Network Lines area. The time and place that the patrol will meet the load will be noted on the permit, and the load must not proceed past that point without the patrol. The contact telephone number for our Control Room will be noted on the permit, should the driver need to contact us in case of delays, cancellation etc.

Are there any charges for patrol vehicles or shutdowns?

Where a patrol or electricity shutdown is required, charges may be incurred. Patrols are normally charged on a time and vehicle basis, and may include stand-down time depending on the time of the patrol.

What else is required when transporting a high load?

Appropriate skid boards must be fitted, and span the length of the structure. The driver must have a clear means of communication with the Northpower patrol/s, and follow any instructions from them. Failure to comply may result in the load being halted, and the permit being revoked. It is expected that all high load operators use industry best practices at all times when transporting high loads.

What area does Northpower's network cover?

The Northpower Lines Network covers from Topuni in the south, to Hukerenui in the north. It includes Maungaturoto, Ruawai, Dargaville, Pouto Peninsula and the north-western area to Waipoua Forest, as well as the east coast areas from Mangawhai to Bland Bay. If your high load will be travelling outside these areas, you will also require a High Load Permit from the neighbouring Network Lines Company/s - Top Energy in the north, or Vector in the south. These permits are in addition to any LTSA permits that may apply.

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