What is an Electricity Easement?

An electricity easement grants Northpower the right to access Electricity Reticulation on all private property as required by the Network.

Why does Northpower require an Electricity Easement over your land?

Pole Access

Whenever new electricity reticulation owned by Northpower is installed on private land, it is protected with an Electricity and Telecommunications Easement in favour of Northpower. The easement protects our right to own and operate the electricity reticulation and allows access to the land to maintain or replace the reticulation. The easement also protects the landowner and ensures that Northpower minimises and reinstates any damage made to the land.

What is required to create an easement?

Step 1: The route of the proposed reticulation is surveyed and shown on a plan by a surveyor.

Step 2: The plan is deposited with Land Information NZ by the surveyor.

Step 3: The easement instrument (referring to the deposited plan) is prepared by a solicitor and then signed by the landowner and Northpower.

Step 4: The easement instrument is registered on the certificate of title of the affected land by the solicitor.

When are easements not required?

View Northpower's legal documents intended for use by solicitors when e-dealing under Easements, Encumbrances and Agreements.