There are times when power unexpectedly fails. Cars crash into poles; animals or trees can fall onto power lines; and storms cause lines to clash - these events can all cause power cuts. Besides cutting power, such incidents can also send too much voltage through your power lines and cause damage household appliances.


Please remember, spikes and surges are rare, and most people will never experience one.

Northpower cannot be held liable for damage to appliances caused by surges and spikes because these can be unavoidable. However, do check whether your insurance policy provides coverage against such damage. Some insurance policies refer to the effects of spikes and surges as "fusion" and some policies do exclude this type of damage.

Power quality 

Small spikes and surges in power, and electrical 'noise' caused by other customer equipment can also affect electronics and cause minor damage that eventually leads to equipment failure. About 80% of power quality issues are actually caused by other equipment on the same premises, and they are often easily fixed. Power filters and surge diverters will help protect equipment from catastrophic events and also reduce unnecessary wear and tear.