Keep a safe distance

Distance DiagramsEveryone working near overhead lines has a legal requirement to maintain the minimum safe distance from power lines.

Disconnect the power

When painting or water blasting the house, or doing work around the roof, you could come into contact with the power lines where they enter your house. These lines are not safe to touch. If you slip, reach out accidentally, or hit the lines with water from the water blaster you could receive a serious shock. Remove the risk. Call Northpower before you start on (09) 430 1803 to arrange a time for a free temporary power disconnection.

Use a portable generator or arrange with a neighbour to plug into their supply to complete your work. The Vector service team will arrange to reconnect you once you have finished working in that area - call (09) 430 1803.

Check before you dig

Before you landscape, dig out a pool, or do other major digging in the garden, use our cable location service to avoid digging into underground lines or gas pipes. Don't put your property, life and the lives of others at risk. Always get service reference maps or have your services located before you start digging - they might not be where you think they are! For more information, see the full details on this service.

Please be aware that a charge will apply for locating your privately owned service lines. Assistance will be provided free of charge for location of Northpower owned network lines.

Working near power poles

House Connections

If you plan to excavate within five metres of one of our power poles, by law you must have a Close Approach Consent form . Depending on the depth of excavations, you may need additional pole supports to prevent poles collapsing. For your protection, don't start this work until you call us on (09) 430 1803.

Ladders, poles and masts

Always look up before extending ladders, boat masts, poles or pipes, or using a forklift or other high apparatus. If you don't, you could hit overhead power lines, causing serious injury and even death.

Check aerial clearance

Before installing a clothesline, TV antenna or other high structure, check for clearance of overhead power lines.

Use a professional

Always use a registered electrical worker with a current practicing licence for all electrical repairs and ask for a certificate of compliance after the work is complete.

Use an RCD

When using power tools indoors, or any appliance outdoors, always use a Residual Current Device (RCD), or an isolating transformer. Connect the RCD as close as possible to the power point.

Items on lines

If you tangle an item on a power line, call Northpower on (09) 430 1803 to have a Northpower service team come and remove it. Never try to remove it yourself.

If you hit a cable

If you damage an electrical cable, contact us immediately. Call (09) 430 1803 to report the damage, treat the cable as live and keep all people well away from the area. Never cover up a damaged cable and do not try to correct the situation yourself.

In an electrical fire

Never use water to extinguish an electrical fire. Electricity can be conducted through the water to the person attempting to extinguish the fire which may result in serious shock. Use a multipurpose fire extinguisher designed for electrical fires, wood/paper fires, and flammable liquids. Call 111.

An electric shock

In the event of an electrical shock, don’t touch the victim until you are certain the source of electricity is turned off. Unplug the appliance or turn off power at the main switch. Call 111.