Broken lines or damaged poles

If you hit an underground cable

If you damage an electrical cable, contact us immediately. Call Northpower Faults on 0800 10 40 40 to report the damage, treat the cable as live and keep all people well away from the area.

Never cover up a damaged cable and do not try to correct the situation yourself.

Lines clashing

In high winds, power lines can clash together, making bright flashes and loud bangs and can cause power surges and outages.

Northpower can install a separator on the lines to prevent clashing. To report clashing lines call Northpower Faults on 0800 10 40 40 and we will arrange for a faultsperson to assess whether a lines separator is required.

Items on lines

If you tangle an item on a power line, call Northpower Faults on 0800 10 40 40 to arrange to have a Northpower service team come and remove it. Never try to remove it yourself.