Overhead PosterIf you are a boat-owner and you are looking at heading out to a lake or the sea. Before you start putting up scaffolding or thinking about the route you'll take to the lake or sea, be aware of the hazards involving overhead power lines - at work, at home, and at play.

Follow these overhead power lines safety tips

If you are handling any tall object near power lines, keep an eye on what is above you - don’t let it come in contact with power lines. You should keep yourself and any objects you are handling, at least four metres away from overhead power lines.

Look up

Watch out for overhead lines around boat ramps, mast-heads or when towing your boat on land. Serious injury or even death can occur when a mast comes into contact with power lines. So look up, and be aware of where the lines are before you start positioning the boat, especially when backing the boat into position.

An electric shock

In the event of an electrical shock, don’t touch the victim until you are certain the source of electricity has been removed. Call 111.

If a boat mast has brought down the power lines around a car, the safest way to avoid electric shock is for occupants to stay in the car until help arrives. They should only try to get away from the car if another urgent matter, such as a fire in the car, forces them to evacuate.

In General

Overhead electricity lines are not insulated and if contact – or near contact - is made with them by anything capable of conducting electricity – including fishing rods and lines, kites or model plane controls, the electricity will pass through the object with the risk of injuring or killing anyone holding or near to the object. Be aware that a truck, crane, forklift, irrigation pipe, marquee, boat mast (ashore or on the water) or even a tall ladder accidentally touching an overhead power line can lead to serious injury or death. If you are planning some home maintenance such as painting or trimming trees, be careful when you are working in the vicinity of power lines where they enter your house. These lines are not safe to touch.

Items on lines

If you tangle an item on a power line, call Northpower on (09) 430 1803 to arrange for a Northpower service team come and remove it. Never try to remove it yourself.