Trees near your power lines

You may not realise, but a property owner is responsible for the electrical lines and equipment on their property. These are known as service lines.

Property owners are responsible for keeping trees clear from these lines. Northpower Vegetation department are qualified to trim or remove trees near powerlines that may pose a problem. With the landowners consent, we can fell problem trees at our cost in order to prevent continual interruptions to the power supply. Or you can hire any qualified arborist or do it yourself. But remember, service lines are dangerous so always arrange a time to have your power supply temporarily disconnected before working near service lines. For more information or to arrange temporary disconnections, call us on (09) 430 1803.

Tree huts

Before building a tree hut check that the tree is nowhere near power lines. This should ensure that children will not be able to come into contact with the power lines where they could be seriously injured or even killed.

Items on lines or branches

Before climbing a tree to retrieve an item caught on a branch, check there are no power lines near the tree or the item. And if you tangle an item on a power line, call Northpower on (09) 430 1803 to arrange for a Northpower faultsperson to come and remove it. Never try to remove it yourself.

The Electricity (Hazards from Trees) Regulations 2003

Under the Electricity (Hazards from Trees) Regulations 2003 tree owners are legally required to keep their trees clear of network-owned power lines. This is for everyone’s safety as trees can cause lines to clash or break, interrupting power supply and causing serious risk of electrocution or fire. And anyone – especially children - climbing a tree near power lines is at risk of serious injury or even death by touching the lines accidentally. The regulations will help prevent such accidents.

For more information about the regulations, tree owners and network lines company’s responsibilities, visit our Vegetation Control section under Our Network