To minimise the risk of electrocution, check out these simple but vital safety guidelines: 

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Around Trees

You may not realise it but tree owners are legally required to ensure their tree(s) do not grow too close to electricity network lines.

Boat Warnings

Watch out for overhead lines around boat ramps, mast-heads or when towing your boat on land.

Christmas Lights

If putting lights outside, check they are safe to use externally and are in good condition.

Damaged Poles or Lines

Treat all power lines as live at all times and keep everyone, especially children, well clear of the area.

Inside the House

When around electrical equipment treat all wiring and sockets as live at all times, for your own safety.

Outside the House

Everyone working near overhead lines has a legal requirement to maintain the minimum safe distance from power lines.

Spike Protection

Protect your sensitive equipment from surges and spikes with a power filter or surge protector.