Whenever you are digging on private or public property, or working near overhead lines there is a serious risk to life and property if you don’t follow the right safe working practices.

When digging always find out first where network cables and pipes are – get reference maps, or have us mark out the locations for you.

When working near overhead lines make sure that you keep a safe working distance and keep a careful watch when you are operating machinery near lines.

And remember - just because there are overhead lines in the area doesn’t mean there won‘t be underground cables as well!

If you hit an electricity cable or overhead line there is a risk of:

So, use our safety services before you start work. Call us toll free on 0800 10 40 40 - this number is a quick and easy way to use all the services we provide free of charge:

We have provided all the safety information you need to help you work safely around our network on this website: