Northpower will disconnect and reconnect the power supply to ensure your safety when work is being carried out near the electricity supply for residential and commercial customers.

Northpower provides this service free of charge between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday to Saturday including public holidays by prior arrangement. 48 hours notice is normally required.

Safety disconnections and reconnections in most cases require the removal/replacement of fuses. In the event there are no fuses, at Northpower’s discretion the additional work will be free of charge. In this case other means of disconnection will be carried out and provision made to install an adequate means of disconnection device.

Safety disconnections/reconnections are chargeable to the requester for any work which requires anything other than removal of fuses (for example, removal of the line or where any High Voltage switching is required).

Any requests by the fire service for an emergency disconnection will be free of charge. Reconnection following a fire may be chargeable.

At the point of disconnection an orange plastic ‘Danger – Man on Line’ tag is affixed. This is only removed by Northpower once it is safe to re-liven the circuit.

Use our safety services before you start work.
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