Whenever you are digging on private or public property, or working near overhead lines there is a serious risk to life and property if you don’t follow the right safe working practices.

Building Near Powerlines

You must ensure that structures such as garages and extensions to houses remain well clear of overhead lines.

Cable and Pipe Depths

Our cables and pipes are laid at different depths in the ground, varying from 600mm to over 1200mm.

Disconnecting Power

Make sure you disconnect the power before you remove or demolish a building.

Safety Disconnections

When you plan to work on your building where the electricity supply enters the building, for your safety Northpower will disconnect and reconnect the electricity free of charge.

Safe Digging

Apply for a cable locate service using BeforeUDig and we’ll provide free reference maps and optionally on-site location services to show underground cable locations.

Travelling with High Loads

You must apply for a High Load Permit if you plan to move any tall structure such as a house or a boat.

What to do in an Emergency

If you hit an electricity cable or overhead line call us immediately on 0800 10 40 40.

Working Near Powerlines

Follow the four metre rule: All work activity must be kept at least four metres from overhead lines.

Working Near Service Lines

When digging always find out first where network cables and pipes are – get reference maps, or have us mark out the locations for you.