Getting the power turned on

If you have recently moved home and need to get the power turned on, you'll first need to contact an Energy Retailer and sign-up as a customer to get connected. They will contact Northpower to get the power connected. If you previously had an account with an Energy Company, you can arrange for your account to be moved to your new home, all you need to do is give them your new ICP Number, found on your new meter box.

If you are getting power connected for the first time, you may find it helpful to read about our service Residential Power Supply.

To sign-up or change Energy Retailer:

Step 1: Obtain your ICP Number from your meter box or past power bill.

Step 2: Phone your choice of energy retailer and ask to join.

Energy Retailers

Contact Energy 0800 809 000
Electric kiwi -
Genesis Energy 0800 300 400
Just Energy 0508 587 836
Mercury Energy 0800 101 810
Meridian Energy 0800 496 496
Nova Energy 0800 668 236
Powershop 0800 100 060
Trustpower 0800 369 847