Energy price comparison for residential customers in Northpower's Network area.

Understanding your Power bill

Your bill comes from the retail energy company that actually sells you the electricity that comes down the Northpower Network to your home or business. For example, Meridian Energy, Genesis Power, Mercury Energy, Contact Energy, Just Energy, Nova Energy and Energy Online are companies that sell electricity in our area.

On your power bill there are energy (electricity) charges, which are paid to your energy retailer, and then there is also distribution pricing which is paid to Northpower (the energy retailer collects lines charges on behalf of Northpower so that you don't get two bills).

It is important that you check with each Energy Retailer before making your choice. More information is also available on the Consumers Institute's PowerSwitch website.

Regardless of which Energy Retailer you choose, you will continue to receive any rebates, dividends, and interest distributions that Northpower may make.