Oil filled electric heaters are an efficient and portable heater

Oil filled heaterOil filled heaters are an efficient portable heater providing both radiant and convection heat. The electric elements heat the surrounding oil, which in turn heats the outside surface. The oil is sealed inside for life.




Suggested Ways of Using

Watts x Cost of 1 unit = Running Costs
2400 W = 2.4 kW
  = 2.4 units per hour @ 32 kWh
  = 77 cents her hour max
2000 W = 2 kW
  = 2 units per hour @ 32 kWh
  = 64 cents her hour max
1500 W = 1.5 kW
  = 1.5 units per hour @ 32 kWh
  = 48 cents her hour max
1000 W = 1 kW
  = 1 unit per hour @ 32 kWh
  = 32 cents her hour max
Running cost comparison (For all plug-in electric heaters)
Based on an average 24 hour tariff of 32 cents per kWh = 1 unit


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