Electric Heat Pumps represent good value for money

 The electric heat pump is an efficient and space - saving means of heating, cooling and ventilating a wide range of premises. It is clean, efficient and convenient, and can be used in domestic, commercial or industrial applications.

The electric heat pump is the world's most energy efficient home heating and cooling system. A clever combination of heater, dehumidifier, air filter and cooling air conditioner. By quietly circulating air, electric heat pumps keep you warm in winter and comfortably cool in summer.

The heat pump is essentially a means of transferring heat energy from one place to another, and upgrading the temperature of this heat energy to a useful level. Heat is transferred either to or from the building interior, with the heat being either rejected to or removed from an external heat source. This source is usually outside air or water.

Principle of Operation

The heat pump operates on the same principle as the domestic refrigerator. A compressor drives a non CFC refrigerant fluid around a closed circuit. Heat is taken up by the refrigerant as it evaporates in the cooling coil, thus reducing the temperature of its surroundings. The compressor then raises the pressure and temperature of the refrigerant. As the fluid passes through the heater coil it condenses, heat is lost and the surroundings of this coil are warmed. The refrigerant now returns to the evaporator coil via an expansion valve which returns it to its original pressure and temperature. The cycle is then continued.

As a heater: Heat is extracted from the outside air, upgraded by compression and then transfers the heat to an internal fan unit which quietly circulates the warm air around the room.

As a cooling air conditioner: Heat is removed from the air inside the room.


Running Costs

Split systems start at approx. $2500 with the average house costing $3500 - $4000 installed.

Running costs: An average domestic unit used in the evening, not continuously, could cost around $1.50 day.

Running cost comparison
Based on an average tariff of 32 cents per kWh
Watts x cost of 1 unit = Running Cost
Portable plug in heater (equivalent to heat pump output)
Heating = 4 kW
4kW x 32 = 1.28 cents an hour
Electric Heat Pump  
Power Input cooling = 0.9 kW
Heating input = 1.98 kW
Heating Output = 4 kW
0.98 kWx 32 = 31 cents an hour
Saving of 47 cents per hour when running a heat pump.


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