To help us get your application underway quickly:

Please ensure you have read and understood the Northpower connections process, and note you may to need provide the following information:

  • A Power Bill which contains your Consumer Number for reference.
  • Electrician's contact details if you have one.
  • Your contact details for us to get in touch.
  • Digital plans to email if you have them.

Please note:

If you're looking for a budget estimate or advice on getting connected, please call 0800 66 78 47 or complete our general enquiry form.

For applications outside the Whangarei and Kaipara Network please contact your local area office.

Personal details
Billing details
Location of Work

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If known, please complete both Lot Number and DP number together:

Useful location information to help us find the site i.e: Yellow letterbox, Name of suburb etc.

Work Required

When planning a new connection supply to the Northpower network or making an alteration to supply, it is important to contact Northpower to discuss connection point and phasing requirements. It may be necessary for Northpower to investigate voltage drop or transformer balancing requirements to ensure a safe reliable supply. If the service cable is not run to the designated connection point or if the allocated phasing is not installed, the applicant may incur additional costs to rectify the situation and may be liable for any costs or expenses incurred by Northpower.

Select all options that apply:

Builders Temporary Supply (BTS). BTS are permitted for a period of up to 12 months during which time the connection must either be moved to a permanent structure or decommissioned. BTS are permitted solely for building purposes, not for recreational or any other purposes. It must not be used to leave any installation (eg newly constructed dwelling) livened from the Northpower electricity network.

Please note that providing us with accurate Electrical Contractor and Energy Retailer information (below) is important to prevent delays with your application.
Please specify what is required in the Additional Installation Information box below ↓
It is important you tell us more information about your installation to prevent time delays e.g. Building a new home. Use the 'other information' area below to tell us any additional information you feel is relevant to your enquiry.
Electrical Contractor

Your electrician is required to finalise the connection to your property. If we are unable to contact your electrician this will cause a delay in processing the application.

If you are completing this form on behalf of the owner please do so only if you have permission to act as their agent. If the owner refuses to accept the charges for the work requested, the person completing this form and requesting the work will be held responsible for all costs incurred. All applications are required to be signed before they will be actioned.

Energy Retailer
Please note that for all new connections to the Northpower network, you are required to provide us with your Energy Retailer Consumer Number to prevent delays with your connection.
Submit Application

I understand that this information is collected so that Northpower can design and/or connect any new installation to the network. As part of the new connection requirements, the information contained on this form may be passed to the Energy Retailer that I have nominated on this form.

I understand that this installation must comply with: Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010, in conjunction with AS/NZS 3000:2007, incorporating Amendment Number 1, page 21, part 1, section 1.1 (Intended Purpose), and section 1.2 (d) Local Network Rules.