Safety comes First!

Northpower is a leader in safety innovation and performance. We draw on local experiences and focus on keeping abreast of the latest developments abroad, along with evaluating and adopting best practice and innovations. We truly believe we can make a difference in the industry and communities we are a part of and that we can achieve our goal of Zero Harm

Northpower’s safety vision is to have a high performance safety culture creating an injury free workplace and an excellent standard of safety behaviour. Accredited to the AS 4801 Safety standard and a founding member of the Zero Harm workplaces pledge, Northpower is committed to the safety of our people, our customers and the public at large.

Zero Harm will be achieved through safety being integrated into all aspects of our business model. Northpower’s experience is that a safe job is a well-planned and well managed job and this requires commitment across Northpower’s business as well as that of our clients.

Northpower employs a structured approach to safety which is driven from the Board of Directors throughout the business. Our Chief Executive champions HSQE and is supported by the Management team who are accountable to ensure activities within their divisions contribute to good safety outcomes across the Northpower Group.

The company's on-going investment in safety and safety training fosters an environment that supports safety innovations which have received industry recognition and awards.