DECLARATION OF RESULT OF ELECTION for the Northpower Electric Power Trust

I hereby declare the result of the election held on Saturday 19 November 2016 for the election of five trustees for the Northpower Electric Power Trust (Whangarei District Council area) to be as follows: 

Candidate: Votes Received: 

ANGELO, Erc10386
BROADBELT, Murray5552
DURHAM, Irene11536
GLEN, Sue6406
MOYES, Warren5763
PROVAN, Ross7006
ROSSITER, Bill7815
YOVICH, Paul7361

 38 Informal Votes, 22 Blank Votes 

I therefore declare Erc ANGELO, Irene DURHAM, Ross PROVAN, Bill ROSSITER and Paul YOVICH to be elected. 

The voter turnout was 25.48%. 

Dated at Whangarei, 21 November 2016. 

Dale Ofsoske 
Electoral Officer 
Independent Election Services Ltd for Northpower Electric Power Trust 

Enquires phone 0800 922 822