North Auckland Electric Power Board

1920 13 October 1920. A Committee formed the Northern Wairoa Hydro Electric Power Board.
1923 19 April 1923. The Northern Wairoa Hydro Electric Power Committee was disbanded. The Dargaville Borough Council and the Hobson County Council incorporated the Northern Wairoa Hydro Electric Power Board and renamed it Hobson Electric Power Board. The first election of the Hobson Electric Power Board was held on 21 June 1923.
1929 Whangarei and Otamatea County Councils joined the scheme and renamed it the North Auckland Electric Power Board (N.A.E.P.B.).
24 July 1930. The North Auckland Electric Power Board was constituted, as per Gazette No. 51.
1931 The Hikurangi Town District joined the N.A.E.P.B.
1936 The first power became available from the national grid at Mareretu.
1937 The Kamo Town District joined the N.A.E.P.B.
1962 The Tikipunga substation was built.
1963 The Ruakaka and Onerahi substations were built.
1966 The Otaika Depot building was completed and occupied in December, at a total cost, for land and buildings, of £181,980.
1969 The Hikurangi substation was built.
1970 The Kaiwaka and Ruawai substations were built.
1973 An office was built at 28 Mt Pleasant St, Raumanga. This was to become the Head Office.
1974 The renovations at Head Office, Raumanga were completed and on 29 January 1974 staff moved in. (In October 1973 extra staff had been recruited and travelled to and from Dargaville daily to familiarise themselves with their jobs). Dargaville staff who elected to stay with the firm in Whangarei, either moved to Whangarei once the changeover had been effected, or commuted daily to work.
1979 Maungaturoto substation and office built.
1980 Ruawai depot was relocated and reopened.
1983 New 33 kV cables laid to NZ Refining Company from Bream Bay.
1985 Bream Bay substation was commissioned.
1987 The Electricity Centre was built in Cameron Street and staff offered afree advisory service. The Electricity Centre was soon to begin retailing energy efficient products.
A Marketing Manager was appointed and the N.A.E.P.B. began to move to a more customer-orientated focus.
Alexander Street substation was built.
1988 New logo in the form of a lightning bolt (this was designed by a customer in a local competition run by Northpower).
Ngunguru substation was built.
1990 The trading name 'Northpower' adopted from 1 May 1990.
Kensington and Poroti substation built.
1991 Northpower purchased the Whangarei District Council Electricity Department.
There were staff cuts and 22 Northpower workers were made redundant.
1991 On 17 October 1991 Northpower Limited became an Incorporated Company
Registration No. AK.524776.
1993 On 12 February 1993 Northpower Limited was reregistered as an Incorporated Company, and came into being on 1 May 1993.
1993 Deregulation and corporatisation of the power industry throughout New Zealand.
A new logo was launched, which had a sunburst in the corner of the stationery, and the middle of the 'O' in power looks like the sun. (This was designed by a public relations consultant). Northpower purchased the Wairua Falls power station.
Wind monitoring experiments in Dargaville began.
1994 Dargaville office was completely redesigned and decorated.
Modernisation of the Wairua Falls power station began.
1995 Whangarei Head Office middle level was completely redesigned and decorated.
Automation of the Wairua Falls power station was completed.
Northpower purchased a farm on the Dargaville coast to investigate the potential of a wind farm to generate electricity.
1996 Whangarei Head Office top floor was completely redesigned and decorated.
Automation of the Wairua Falls power station was completed.
1998 Max Bradford, Minister of Energy, instituted the Energy Reform Act.
The Act became law in July 1998.
Power companies had to sell off either their line or energy company by 1 April 1999, i.e. companies could not own an electricity network and sell energy (energy includes retailing and generation).
ECNZ would be split into 3 competing companies.
Energy companies were allowed to own line to connect generation, and to compete with line companies.
For most power companies, their line assets were greater than their energy assets and they generally chose to retain their line business.
It was believed that, to be competitive in the energy retail market, you would need about 400,000 customers (Northpower currently had 43,000 customers - 2% of New Zealand retail energy market).
For Trust owned power companies, a mirror trust was an option. Northpower Energy Business sold to ECNZ, renamed Northpower Energy (sale effective 1 November 1998). The name was later changed to Meridian Energy (1999). Northpower's Pole Factory in Dargaville was closed, resulting in 3 redundancies.
Auckland Contracting depot set up, with 16 staff members, and Lloyd Richards as Area Manager.
1999 Northpower vacated the Dargaville office premises on 31 August 1999. They moved to rented premises at 25 Murdoch Street, Dargaville.
The Electricity Centre was closed on 29 October 1999.
Pole Factory leased to BOP Fertiliser.
Civil Depot established in Auckland (cnr Beach Rd and Ronayne Streets).
2000 6 April, Northpower establish depot on Waiheke Island for Vector contract.
2001 Mangawhai zone substation livened April (week before Easter).
Tauranga Depot opened on 26 September (22BPortside Drive/Triton Ave, Mt Maunganui).
2002 Civil Depot wound up in February.
Bream Bay Zone substation livened on 2 May.
2003 Rotorua Depot commenced operations in March. 2003.
North Shore Depot commenced operations on 3 June 2003.
Northpower Gas commenced operations in August 2003.
2004 Northpower Gas acquired Connectrix Ltd on 30 January 2004.
Northpower purchased and renovated premises at 44 Kerwyn Ave, East Tamaki, and staff moved from Polaris Place to the new building in May 2004, with 194 staff members.
Rotorua Staff moved to 73 Pururu Street, Rotorua from 1 April 2004.
Hamilton depot set up.
June 2004, acquisition of M & I to supplement North Shore depot.
Purchased Millennium Power (line contracting business based in Hamilton) on 6 April.
Purchased Power Mains Ltd on 1 October. Our existing Hamilton business was primarily overhead work. The new business undertakes services mains and subdivision work.
Lots 16 and 17 Forge Road purchased to allow larger premises to be built. 4 October.
11 October. Whangarei Garage ceased carrying out maintenance work on all privately owned vehicles, including staff vehicles.
From December 2004, all Northpower buildings and vehicles became smoke free.
Ripple System
2005 January - Safe Teams and Safety Officers set up company-wide.
Group Manager, Safety and HR appointed.
17 March - official opening of Northpower Hamilton Contracting branch, combining Millenium Power and Powermain Businesses.
Wellington depot set up at 20-22 Goodshed Rd, Upper Hutt from 8 April 2005.
Dargaville depot sold for $440,000.
December. Northpower purchased PSM (Power Systems Maintenance).
2006 Tauranga moved from their leased premises at Portside Drive into their new building at 61 Te Okuroa Drive, Papamoa on 27 February. Official opening on 12 May.