Our purpose is to maintain and improve our environment.

Northpower strives to achieve compliance with all relevant environmental legislation. We go to great lengths to maximise the positive impacts and minimise the negative impacts that Northpower activities, products and services may have upon human health and the environment.

Our Environmental Management System (EMS)

Our EMS is certified to ISO 14001. The major benefits we offer to the local and wider community are reducing the risk of adverse environmental affects and assurance of our legal compliance with environmental laws.

Our policies

Our environmental policies are the drivers for our EMS and set the basis for our environmental management processes.

Our processes

Our processes are structured, defined and easily accessed from a proven framework. Various processes address legal compliance, regulatory tracking, our environmental objectives and targets, non conformance and auditing including our review process and how we execute our work in the field.

ISO 14001

ISO 14001 provides independent certification that we are operating our business to world class quality standards for environmental management.

Waste Minimisation

Northpower is committed to waste minimisation to help reduce the volume of waste generated at all sites.All staff are required to: