We aspire to be a successful and profitable partner to our customers delivering the utmost in quality and safety that is regarded as leading the industry and the marketplace.

Northpower recognises that a number of our activities have the potential to impact on the environment, and our commitment aims to ensure that the organisations operations do not place the environment at risk.

Management recognises our moral and legal responsibility to comply with all applicable environmental legislation.

We will endeavour to protect the environment by applying the most appropriate and cost effective environmental management to our operations.

Within the obligations of compliance with environmental statutory requirements; sound business practices; and regard for employee, customer and community environmental expectations; Northpower will adopt all reasonable and practical measures to:

The Northpower Board of Directors and Management are committed to the maintenance of our AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems certification as a way to continually deliver a safe, reliable and hassle free service.