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The 10 year Asset Management Plan for Northpower’s Electricity Distribution Business (EDB) is prepared in order to provide a framework for managing Northpower’s electricity distribution assets in the most cost-effective way in order to achieve the Company’s strategic goals. The plan focuses on levels of service, network development, life-cycle asset-management and the associated expenditure requirements.

The Asset Management Plan is also prepared to comply with regulatory requirements, to establish and evaluate performance benchmarks, and to demonstrate responsible management of assets on behalf of the Company’s shareholders as well as other stakeholders.

2017 Asset Management Plan Update*

The 2017 Asset Management Plan Update covers the 10 year period from April 2017 to March 2027 and was approved by Northpower’s Board of Directors in March 2017. 

The Asset Management Plan Update should be read in conjunction with the 2016 Asset Management Plan.

2016 Asset Management Plan*

The 2016 Asset Management Plan covers the 10 year period from April 2016 to March 2026 and was approved by Northpower’s Board of Directors in February 2016. 

* Incorporating Year-beginning Information Disclosure Schedules

A paper copy of the Asset Management Plan may be requested by writing to:

The Chief Executive, Northpower Limited, Private Bag 9018, Whangarei 0148, New Zealand. Comments and submissions relating to the Asset Management Plan are welcome and can be submitted electronically to:

The 2018 Asset Management Plan Update will be published on the 1st April 2018