The company has two distinct divisions - Northpower Network providing electricity and fibre infrastructure to Whangarei and Kaipara and Northpower Contracting, operating throughout the North Island.


Northpower supports the community through sponsoring the Northland Electricity Rescue Helicopter and the Northland Native Bird Recovery Centre.


At Northpower, you will be working for the largest electrical distribution contractor in New Zealand.

Company Structure

Northpower is 100% owned by the Northpower Electric Power Trust (NEPT), which appoints Directors who in turn appoint the Chief Executive and Executive Leadership team.


Northpower is a Northland-based company with contracting depots throughout the North Island.


Northpower's ownership structure is a key feature of the company with 100% of all shares owned by consumers and held in trust by the Northpower Electric Power Trust (NEPT).


Caring for our environment makes business sense.